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  • Are three ripple marks in COSMO Dr., PRO-9000 by the fact that the ripple mark is changed, does not put out being accustomed to the body even with long-term remedy, makes the effect continue. In addition, as desired remedy is possible with the micro-computer control which can change the time voltage ripple mark automatically
  • Program function, adjusting to the physical condition of utilization, can choose remedy voltage remedy corrugated remedy time freely. In addition, the remedy time which is set also automatic operation change of remedy voltage and the remedy ripple mark is possible at the smallest 5 minute interval
  • Local electronic pen attaching. With the arch type which it is easy to have, to use is easy, it can remedy the neck muscle shoulder & the waist etc locally.

Medical equipment approval number 20900BZZ00592000
Rated voltage AC100V
Electric power consumption 20W
Rated frequency 50-60Hz
Size Width approximately 274mm x depth approximately 257mm x height 513mm
Weight 11.2kg
Output voltage [ Systemic output ] 9000V/7000V/3500V 
[ Local output ] 1500V/1200V/800V
Timer  [ At the time of whole body radiotherapy ] Approximately 15 minute /30 minute /45 minute /60 minutes
[ Section ] 5 minute /10 minute /15 minutes
[ Longest 8 hour optional setting than going to bed 15 minute
Production origin Applied electronic industrial corporation
Selling agency COSMOHEALTH Co,.Ltd
Country of manufacture Made in Japan

The part for COSMO Dr. PRO9000

High-tension cable, Remote control, Electroscope Power cord/code, Local pen

Merit of COSMO Dr. PRO9000

* The electric potential remedy time which can enjoy also music and image

Adjusting to the high electric potential remedy of the high performance, it adopted image and music.
It can be enjoyed relaxation without choosing time and the room by the slim design that does not take the place.
Change is acquired to the voltage waveform always, frequent change function being attached by loading the alpha mode and the like, by the fact that the entire body is wrapped with the electric potential of maximum 9000V, circulation of the blood is improved, condition of headache, stiff shoulders, the insomnia and the chronic constipation alleviates.

* Selection of various remedy modes is possible

* Systemic mode
(1) Entrust mode: 1000 - Between 9000v voltage changes to random.
(2) Very easily mode: Voltage at a time 100v raises from 1000v, 1 goes and returns in 5 minutes.
(3) Setting mode: 1000 - Locking in the voltage which you like between 9000v, it can remedy.

* Local mode
Using the electronic pen of attachment, the place where it becomes matter of concern such as shoulder and neck centralized remedy.
Because electric potential repeats ON/OFF 0.5 seconds, you can obtain the high curative effect. Selecting from 800 - 1500v, you can use 15 minute timer attaching and output voltages.
* Is not dangerous, but because some stimulus is accompanied, please use new one from 800V.
Please use the use to the same place with standard of 2 - 3 parts. Please use direct remedy to the skin within 2 minutes.

* Software mode
If heat bed mat the “Dr. sleep” of option is connected, electrification remedy of 1 - 8 hours is possible. Voltage in 800v fixing, the male is completed is mode even in the one which is weak in stimulus.

* alpha Mode
Electric potential repeats 10 strengths in 1 seconds by adding alpha mode.

* All the mode commonness
  1. As for the ripple mark four ripple marks change to every 5 minutes.
  2. Frequency fluctuates between 40Hz - 70Hz.
  3. Being large, in the liquid crystal picture which to be understood easily it indicates the easy to see operation panel and operating procedure, it can operate easily even in new one and the aged person.
  4. Being left from the machine, it has become easy to keep the remote control which it can operate simply with labor assistant, with the tester and one somatotype.
  5. “It relaxes and as for the time while inquiring about music,” with because of the one which is said, substance top has become the CD player. Hobby and remedy are simultaneously possible.
  6. While remedying in the liquid crystal picture choosing favorite image from midst of 6 pattern of the total, it can indicate.
  7. Operating procedure of liquid crystal picture, in 4 national languages of Japanese Korean Chinese English change possibility. Also the view picture of each country is indicated just a little is pleasant function.
  8. The receipt box which the accessory of tester remote control and the connecting cord etc can be collected is provided on the substance rear
  9. Movement and conveyance possible knob attaching. Because also direction of the machine is changed unrestrictedly with the turntable, it can remedy favorite at the place.

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Selling agency: COSMOHEALTH Co,.Ltd